harlie Kirk, the founder of the conservative college group Turning Point USA, has written , a work of exquisite flattery and brownnosing masquerading as a field

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How To Fix The Internet
Do you actually own those songs and books you’ve downloaded onto your smartphone? Why is the government able to access your online data without your permission? Why is broadband internet so lackluster in parts of the country? And how exactly does tha
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No Facial Recognition Tech For Cops
THE LOS ANGELES Police Department (LAPD) banned the use of commercial facial recognition apps in November after BuzzFeed News reported that more than 25 LAPD employees had performed nearly 475 searches using controversial technology developed by the
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Parents: Don’t Be Boring, Relentless Teachers
IT’S SNUGGLY TIME with your little one, who is not even in kindergarten yet. His little head rests against your shoulder as you open up a picture book. “See?” you say, pointing not to the furry bunny or diabolical cat or tree that keeps amputating he