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Further titles we couldn’t quite fit in include BLACK SUN (out now, Solaris), by Rebecca Roanhorse. Set in a world inspired by the pre-Colombian Americas, and featuring a sun priestess, a man raised to be the vessel of a god, and a sailor whose song
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The Mask Of Mirrors
RELEASED OUT NOW! 663 pages | Paperback/ebook/audiobook Author MA Carrick Publisher Orbit Books There’s something delightfully exuberant about this first book in the Rook & Rose series. The story of a former street child turned con artist returning t
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Purgatory Mount
RELEASED 4 FEBRUARY 336 pages | Hardback/ebook/audiobook Author Adam Roberts Publisher Gollancz Within genre fiction especially, there are writers who refine the same book for most of their careers. This should not be read as a criticism, but as a wa