When the race outcome is on the line, how do you get enough fuel into your body? A savory rice cake packed with calories sounds great. But taking your hands off your bars to dig into your jersey pocket and unwrap your food isn’t practical, especially if you’re charging toward the base of a big climb, or navigating high-speed, technical singletrack.

So why not just

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Stopping Ultraviolet Light
Blocking ultraviolet radiation (UV) keeps your eyes healthy. Being of higher energy and shorter wavelength than visible light (and longer wavelength and lower energy than X-rays), ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye and is characteriz
VelonewsLeitura de 3 mins
A Japanese Shift
In 1973, Shimano went to war with Campagnolo. It was a fight that the Japanese component manufacturer would eventually win. It was a fight that may have pitted rider against rider. The day before the 1973 world road race championships in Barcelona, B
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I Can See Clearly Now
Most sunglass reviews address fit, feel, and looks, but what about function? How effective are various sunglasses at providing a clear view without distortion while blocking UV light? Here, I put 33 glasses to two tests. Decades ago, an Oakley repres