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Streaming Services
View offers: whf.cm/BestStreamingServices2020 Tidal comfortably retains its crown as our music-streaming service of choice – and for good reason, too. It was the first service to offer hi-res audio streaming, and now presents millions of hi-res track
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View offers whf.cm/BBInternetRadios View offers whf.cm/BBDABRadios Best radio under £100, Awards 2019 Pure’s latest radio is similar to its previous incarnation, but more refined. The H2 improves on the D2’s already sophisticated sound. Battery Optio
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How To Digitize Your Vinyl Collection
Read more at… www.whathifi.com/features The basic building blocks are: a turntable, a phono stage, an analogue-to-digital converter with USB output, and a computer with suitable recording software. There are turntables that come with a phono stage, a