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Turin’s hypno-sludge dementors Hulk smash the sanity Matrix THE FIRST FEW minutes of Panspermia’s opening track, Alkaest, will definitely sort out the real sonic voyagers from the lightweights. A lacerating squall of feedback, drone and garbled insan
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Papa Anonymous
Tobias Forge’s original plan was to enlist another, more established singer to front Ghost. One of the people he approached via MySpace was Messiah Marcolin, best known as the ex-frontman with Swedish doom icons Candlemass. “I used to get loads of re
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The 10 Questions We Asked Marilyn Manson
As we prepared this story, over multiple phone calls we offered Marilyn Manson’s team the chance for him to do another interview and tell us his side of the story. On October 21, his UK PR wrote to us to stress a few things: firstly, that Manson had