world, prog metal experimentalists Mobius are uniting sounds and cultures in a beautifully inclusive way Expanding on the progressive metal vibe that defined their debut album, , with a musical wanderlust, Mobius aren’t just pushing their boundaries with their second record; they’re opening up their borders. On they’ve iced a sound that takes in the

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Prog Critics’ Choice 2020
“I feel highly honoured and privileged to be given this weighty accolade from fellow professionals and journalists I have worked with and respected throughout my many years in the music business, and in particular from a magazine I hold in great and
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Marillion’s Mark Kelly has taken a rather circuitous route to releasing his first solo album, Mark Kelly’s Marathon. Prog finds out how the keyboardist’s new project came about and learns the story behind those Wakeman-esque solos. Consider, to name
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Moorglade Rising
The next reissue from Jon Anderson will be his celebrated and much-loved debut solo album, Olias Of Sunhillow, released in 1976. The new edition will be presented as a two-disc Digipak. The CD will be fully remastered from the original stereo master