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Gigi Goode
Good morning campers. Hi, did you know that Gigi Goode is better than you? That was a reference to her opening line in the Droop commercial by the way, so don’t get mad. But statistically speaking… The 22-year-old performer, birth name Samuel Geggie,
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15 Mins With An Icon shania Twain
To this very day, Shania Twain holds the record for the biggest-selling album by a female artist ever with 1997’s Come On Over shifting more than 40 million units worldwide. But this year she’s celebrating the album that changed her life forever. Sha
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Jari Jones
Jari Jones unapologetically exudes activism, beauty and purpose. She’s more than just a model. She acts as a voice for plus-size women, a voice for trans women and an aspirational role model to the Black LGBTQ+ community across the world. “Black Live