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takes all kinds to make the world go round, and I for one love the variety of people who share their stories with Woman’s Day. Diversity comes in many forms – race, religion, gender,

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Turn Down The Heat
“If you’re carrying some extra weight, symptoms such as hot flushes may be even more uncomfortable for you,” Maryl-Ann explains. Consistently eating a balanced diet is a good place to begin. “Hot flushes can be exacerbated with alcohol, so it’s be
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Fans Rally For Blind Tasting!
Disgruntled fans have complained all season long about the alleged favouritism plaguing the show, with Laura Sharrad, 24, constantly in the firing line. Laura’s immunity pin win was no exception, with some viewers calling out the judges for bias and
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Cosmic Connection
Welcome to a new month! June was pretty intense, so what does July hold for us all? Starting with this week, the big news is the Mercury retrograde ends on Sunday. In other words, if you’ve been feeling like you and the people you care most about h