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he Electro-Harmonix Mono Synth can transform your guitar into 11 classic-sounding synthesizers — from vintage Moog-style emulations to fat unison voices and soaring leads. Best of all, no MIDI pickup is required. Just plug in and use the Mono Synth’s intuitive controls to quickly dial in sounds and adjust the pedal’s sensitivity to your

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All-Terrain Guitar Hero
FOR MANY GUITARISTS, the ultimate dream is to join a great band, land some hit songs and become a star. For other players, the dream is less about individual stardom and more about building a decades-long career touring, composing and recording with
Guitar PlayerLeitura de 25 mins
Play With fire
IT MIGHT HAVE been the first rock and roll tour of any real consequence. Today, if it’s remembered at all, it’s usually for the body count left in its wake. But Bill Wyman recalls the Rolling Stones’ 1969 American tour for a different reason. “In 196
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Gold Rush
FOR THE PAST several years, enthusiasm for vintage gold-foil pickups has remained one of the most consistent micro-trends on the electric guitar scene. Thousands of players have discovered the sonic appeal of these components from B-list and catalog-