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AN ADULT FOX IN full winter coat is a very handsome animal, as I was reminded recently when I was walking the spaniels in a field behind my house. We had disturbed its daytime hunting: it ran away, only to stop after 200 yards to stare back, assessing the risk we presented. If I had been armed with a suitable rifle that might have been a fatal pause, but I wasn’t, and all I could do was admire it.

Such a sighting was commonplace when I

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Burning heather helps to boost the growth of sphagnum moss, which locks up carbon in peat, according to the latest study of upland burning. Sphagnum mosses rapidly extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then lock it up in peat, making them on
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Native Britain
Latin name: Glechoma hederacea Common name: Ground ivy Other names: Alehoof, blue runner, candlesticks, cat’s paws, creeping charlie, crow’s guts, devil’s candlestick, field balsam, gill-go-by-the-street, hayfoot, hedge maids, hen and chickens, rob
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Field Test
I like the scratch-resistant, satin black/ blued finish on the action and barrel. Being non-reflective, it is perfect for hunting and stealthy stalking. The Nikko Metor 3-12x56 30mm illuminated scope was fitted via a 6in one-piece aluminium-blacked P