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ver tried entering full screen mode in ACR? Hit the letter F on your keyboard and you'll find

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Amateur PhotographerLeitura de 3 mins
It’s Good To Share
Gavin is a microbiologist, based in Falkirk, Scotland, who loves photographing trees and woodlands. ‘Bringing order to the chaos is very satisfying and rewarding,’ he says, ‘and it’s seldom that you meet anyone else. For me, there isn’t much joy in l
Amateur PhotographerLeitura de 1 mins
The 2021 leaderboards
With her winning image of the seal pup, Jayne Bond has leapfrogged Ian Bramham into first place, thanks to the 10 points she earned for her Commended shot in Round One. At this stage, we have a lot of jointly placed entrants, but expect to see that s
Amateur PhotographerLeitura de 9 minsScience & Mathematics
Fujifilm GFX100S
It’s now over four years since Fujifilm transformed the medium-format camera market with its GFX 50S. With a 50MP sensor measuring 44x33mm, it promised higher image quality than its full-frame rivals, but in a much smaller package than traditional me