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Does ‘lightweight’ always equate to poor quality?

> Gear that has a nice weight to it is often considered higher quality, however this isn’t always true. For example, Roland’s System-8 and JD-XA are both built into very light plastic enclosures and many touring artists attest to its sturdy roadworthiness. Similarly, a Nord Stage 3 compact weighs relatively little, but it’s super tough!

Can I use my voice to control my plugin synths?

> There are plenty of

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In The Studio With Will Holland
“Most of this record was made in my bedroom [in Brighton]. The setup would have been a PC and a soundcard, running Logic, when it was Emagic. I just used all the Logic plugins. I’d sample a lot of percussion off charity shop records, and program drum
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Rails And End Panels
1 The rails you attach your modules to aren’t all made equally. Some have lips to ease alignment, some have built-in threaded holes, while others need you to add threaded inserts or individual sliding nuts. I prefer lipped rails and threaded inserts.
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Sample Magic Night Funk & Nu-Disco $7.99/mo
The SM crew lift the velvet rope, and invite you in to hoover up the kind of riffs and licks that would’ve rocked Studio 54. Chic guitar grooves, unstoppable drums, and bass that will blow your hair do sideways. It’s all here. The neon-bright melodie