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Cable Splitting
1 The start of a very basic drone begins with the sound source. We really like the Erica Synths black VCO 2, which sounds fantastic. We use the sine, saw and PWM outputs together, with a couple of free running LFOs from Ochd modulating the waveshape
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Arturia’s Latest V Collection Brings More Analogue And Digital Classics To The Party
Arturia have released V Collection 8, their latest bundle of classic software synths and keyboards. This update adds a trio of brand-new instruments – Jun-6 V, Emulator II V and Vocoder V – as well as the recently-released OB-Xa V (which we’ve alread
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Digital Effects
The Pro 3 has dual effects, meaning you can run two at once, with separate modulation and overall control. Often feeling like an afterthought on synths, these are good quality and tied in nicely, so you can modulate them as with anything else. My top