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“I am quite fond of runs in fives, for some reason. Though it’s an odd number and people might think fours make more sense, it can sound more unique. And actually, if you blend fours and fives, it won’t sound repetitive. I like skipping between five to four to

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50 Easy Guitar Lessons
We live in a world where we’re always looking for shortcuts to help us make the most of the limited time we have. It’s no different with the guitar – we all want to take the time to do things the right way, but sometimes you just want to get on and p
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Master Class
Once you can play something 150 times perfectly, you can move on... “It was a very fateful day when I learned how to alternate pick properly. While I was self-taught, I would occasionally take myself to a guitar shop in Highland Park, Illinois, if I
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The Genius Of Jack White
Many onlookers were cynical about a rock band without a bass player, but Jack and Meg White quickly showed that a guitar-and-drums format could be more agile, spontaneous, and original. This made space for the likes of The Black Keys. Ten years later