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In this month’s Easy Guide, I’m looking at one of the most compelling mysteries you come across when exploring music theory for the first time: what is an octave, and why are they called octaves when they contain twelve notes? OK, that’s two mysteries, but to address one means addressing the other, so let’s start picking at the thread and see where it leads.

It’s become a sort of unofficial Easy Guide tradition to start off with a diagram of a C major scale, largely because an understanding of how a scale is formed is integral to so many other aspects of music theory. An explanation of octaves is no different, but what you’ll have noticed if you’re a

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Thermal $175 output.com
+ Broad range of impressive distortion styles + Additional processors go well beyond distortion + Lots of handy, wellorganized presets - No one-shot/MIDI triggered option for the envelopes Of Output’s eclectic line-up, last year’s granular effect too
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Turning Sampled Waveforms Into Wavetables
01 Xfer Serum lets you turn audio samples, internal LFO shapes and even PNG files into wavetable oscillators. We’ll start with an audio sample of a gnarly, modulated bass note. You’ll want to get WT Pos moving with an LFO to automatically sweep throu
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This Month In Software
Akai’s MPC Beats is a free ‘beatmaking DAW’ that puts the classic MPC workflow on your PC or Mac Akai’s MPC products have been inspiring electronic music and hip-hop producers since 1988, which saw the release of the iconic MPC60. Now Akai is marking