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Sequential Prophet VS

ith the relatively recent announcement that Dave Smith, the man behind Sequential Circuits, had reacquired the Sequential name, we were reminded of the company’s contributions to music technology. We’ve already covered the seminal Prophet-5, the programmable polysynth that put Sequential on the map back in the 1970s, but it wasn’t the only

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Morph $51
This time, the Audiotent tech-heads have turned their attention to the mountain of analog gear pulsing away in the corner of their studio – the bleeping, flashing, near sentient bits of hardware they’ve gleefully chained together by patches and cable
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Waveform Pro 11 from $119 tracktion.com
+ A solid showing of improvements and new features + Useful new MIDI effects + Quick Actions Bar and Window are great + Plugin sandboxing - Manual out of date. Again - Artisan Collection still leaves a sour taste Metronomic in its regularity, this ye
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Six Months On…
The effective cancellation of the 2021 Winter NAMM Show, and its replacement with a week-long virtual event (see page 11), is the latest repercussion for the music making industry in the ongoing fallout from the global COVID-19 crisis. While it's far