Electronic Musician

David Baron

bought my Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 many years ago in Woodstock, NY. I drove from Manhattan to a band’s rehearsal space where they just could not figure out what to do with it. I think I paid about $1,000 for it. It was in fair condition at best. I brought it to a well-known NYC

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This time, the Audiotent tech-heads have turned their attention to the mountain of analog gear pulsing away in the corner of their studio – the bleeping, flashing, near sentient bits of hardware they’ve gleefully chained together by patches and cable
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The effective cancellation of the 2021 Winter NAMM Show, and its replacement with a week-long virtual event (see page 11), is the latest repercussion for the music making industry in the ongoing fallout from the global COVID-19 crisis. While it's far