Electronic Musician





+ Huge and varied sound
+ Great browser to select your sounds
+ Proper rose-tinted sonic experience!
+ Usable for a wider ange of genres
+ Eight custom MIDI controller layouts


- Expensive assingle purchase
- Some not-so-cool sounds now

There is a whiff of a 90s revival in the air. To some of us of a certain age, of course, that decade might not seem that far gone, but Calvin Harris’ recent track, 'Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)', under his Love Generator moniker reminded us of

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Pro Tips
With minor keys, the nature of the parent scale has an effect on the quality of diatonic chords, but not their function. For instance, tonic chords in a major key are I, iii and vi, but in a minor key are i, III and VI. Dominant chords in a major key
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Drum miking 101
To mix drums, you need to understand miking techniques. There are two fundamental types: close and ambient. Close mics are positioned to capture the direct, ‘isolated’ sound from one drum or cymbal in the kit. The other drums will inevitably be picke
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 6 mins
Hydrasynth $1,299 Ashunsoundmachines.com
+ Superb build quality and classy looks + Clear and intuitive module-driven interface that invites tweaking + A unique sonic personality, especially with poly aftertouch onboard - Though largely intuitive, this is a complex synth; expect a learning c