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Effects – Internal Or External?
It’s rare to hear a completely dry synth sound in a finished track. Whether it’s a touch of reverb on a lead line, compression on an analog kick or chorus on a pad, almost all classic synth sounds can benefit from a little processing of some kind. Th
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KeyStep Pro
Si Truss is the Editor of Electronic Musician and Future Music magazines $699 Between the ‘Step’ and ‘Lab’ devices, Arturia has a pretty broad range of controllers these days, ranging from the simple, budget-friendly MicroLab MIDI keybo
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Five More Favorite Synth Solos
Learning licks, and even whole solos from our favorite players is a surefire way to develop your soloing vocabulary. But it’s important that you understand how the notes relate to the chords so you can take these licks and phrases and use them and on