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Go Live With Your Studio
We’ve saved what for some will be Studio One 5’s best new feature, and for others a complete irrelevance, for its own box. The Show Page – and its reductive full-screen Performance mode – comprises a completely new and refocused environment within St
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Roxyn Guitar Synth App For iOS
In the recent series on guitar synth pedals, I discussed the fraught relationship players have had with guitar synthesizers due to tracking issues and clumsy extra pickups. Each pedal in the series dealt with creating synthesizer sounds in its own wa
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DiscoDSP OB-Xd 2
Recent weeks have seen more than one Oberheim OB-X synth emulation plugin enter the market. Arturia's OBXa V and Synapse Audio's Obsession provide two fresh takes on the synth in virtual format. But one other contender that's been ploughing the OB-X