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Becker & Mukai

arisian composer Jean-Gabriel Becker and Japanese multi-instrumentalist Susumu Mukai (aka Zongamin) have each had musical careers in their own rights. The former is well known for his cinematic work, and has partnered with the likes of Massive Attack and John Foxx, while the latter has collaborated with musicians Alexis Taylor and Floating Points and remixed releases from Trevor Jackson and Air. Together as Becker

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Electronic MusicianLeitura de 1 mins
The Alternatives
$830 Old gold! The well-respected Blofeld includes user-sample-upload, virtual analog synthesis, three fast LFOs per voice and four fast envelopes per-voice, 16 parts, arpeggiator, three oscs pervoice (with wavetables) and FM. waldorfmusic.com $893 M
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 6 mins
Hydrasynth $1,299 Ashunsoundmachines.com
+ Superb build quality and classy looks + Clear and intuitive module-driven interface that invites tweaking + A unique sonic personality, especially with poly aftertouch onboard - Though largely intuitive, this is a complex synth; expect a learning c
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 6 mins
Drum miking 101
To mix drums, you need to understand miking techniques. There are two fundamental types: close and ambient. Close mics are positioned to capture the direct, ‘isolated’ sound from one drum or cymbal in the kit. The other drums will inevitably be picke