New York City is a true “melting pot”—of people, cultures, and of course, food. Within one square mile, you can enjoy French breads with African fufu, Irish stews, Italian pies, Caribbean roti, or Cambodian fish amok. The city that never sleeps always has something tasty to eat. The first Dutch settlers in the 1600s helped build the city’s four culinary cornerstones—bread, sugar, meat, and ale.

In just a few years, a tiny settlement of

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Me, Oh-maya!
The Maya are groups of people who live in parts of Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. Their ancestors created a great society. At its peak, from 600-900 C.E., the Maya civilization was more advanced than its neighbors in the Americas. The Maya people w
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The Power 9
1 Regular, natural physical activity that comes from everyday tasks, not from going to the gym or special exercises like running. 2 Having a sense of purpose in life, a feeling of knowing why you are here. 3 Less stress. 4 Eating a moderate amount
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Art Connection
Feeling a little nervous about starting a new year? Maybe you need a worry doll to help calm your jitters. The legend about worry dolls comes from Guatemala. Long ago, a young girl named Maria secretly decided to help her poor family by making small