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uman beings all have similar emotional needs that must be fulfilled for our self-esteem and self-worth. If we are not getting one of our

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Coaching Exercises
Ask someone you trust to do this exercise with you. It can help you prepare for an interview, write your CV, build confidence during a career transition and plan a future career path. It is so much better than writing down the jobs you have done and
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‘I Am More Sensitive To Life Than Other People’
I remember feeling panicky as a child, and it got worse. In my 20s, I suffered from social anxiety and had agoraphobic episodes. It came to a head in 2012 following the tragic death of my brother and the subsequent trial and media coverage. I cut mys
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‘Never Be Ashamed To Seek Help’
My anxiety was linked to a period of depression that I experienced in my mid 20s. Pretty soon, I was having regular panic attacks. Honestly, they floored me. I went to my doctor, who referred me to a counsellor, and I am grateful for that every day.