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Is Microbiome Skincare the Next Big Thing?

“Microbiome skincare is all about preserving the normal or commensal bacteria in your skin. The concept is well-known in the gut—whenever you take an antibiotic, you take a probiotic or a prebiotic with it to replenish the good bacteria. Likewise, on the face, when you use stripping it in the first place. So overdoing chemical treatments that I mentioned earlier is what I want people to stay away from. That said, there are patients with severe acne or intense pigmentation who need treatment constantly, which might lead to stripping off this bacteria due to the peels or acids used. That’s when you actually need microbiome skincare to revive the barrier system. Now a simple, gold-ol‘ method is to just moisturise your skin, and over time, it will heal itself. But if you do opt for topical creams to expedite the recovery, look for brands that have conducted complete research and their products actually do what they claim.”

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