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Sub-bass desires

Audiokit’s Bass 808 is a different proposition to your standard 808 drum machine emulation. Rather than being a slavish reboot, it’s a synth that’s designed

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#02 Perfecting Your Kick And Bass
Mixing low end is one of the most requested topics to cover: a lot of producers struggle with it, mostly because the room acoustics and speaker setup isn’t ideal. But there are ways to address overlapping frequencies, and here we’ll use our favourite
Computer MusicLeitura de 4 minsTechnology & Engineering
Online Piano Lessons
Whatever level of keyboard playing you’re at, there’s always more to be learned if you want to. If you’re serious about taking your playing to the next level, working on your basic piano technique is an obvious move, since piano is the granddaddy of
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Pro Tips
Keeping your bass in mono is vital if you want to achieve a solid mix. However, sometimes you might want a little extra width in your bass to fill out the panorama. Simply duplicate your bass and high pass around 250-350Hz. Next, choose your favourit