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f you’re triggering stabs, breaks or suchlike from a modern sampler then the timing

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Ins & outs
Given their use of new tech, you might have thought that Apple’s first silicon-powered MacBooks would be more expensive than their current Intel counterparts, but one rumour suggests that they could cost up to $200 less. Let’s hope so. It emerged thi
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Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor $29
Baby Audio is an LA-based boutique software developer with a handful of plugins, including Comeback Kid, which is a highly flexible delay with in-built transient shaper, tape saturation and modulation, and Super VHS, which is a multifaceted tape satu
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Dystopian Dissonances
Industrial music is meant to disturb. Art terrorism taken to the extreme and reflected in the fashions of its fans. It was as nihilistic as punk, but with an intellectual bent, fuelled on apocalyptic science-fiction and a fetish for machinery. It emb