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1 After loading in the tutorial files to a 140bpm project, you’ll hear that we’ve got three sections of the track to work with: the intro, piano breakdown and drop. We’ll

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Starting Balance
Achieving a basic starting balance for your mix can be a bit ‘chicken and egg’. Mixing is basically about judging one sound in the presence of another sound. Go back to first principles; what you don’t want to do is overload your outputs. Luckily, wi
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Pro Tips
We’ve shown you how you can use your VCAs to shape a waveform by using audio-range signals to modulate its amplitude. This ‘amplitude modulation’ is an easy way to generate clangorous tones. If that’s your bag, consider employing VCAs in your FM, or
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A favourite of Van Halen, Prince and Bon Jovi, Oberheim’s OB-Xa synth is 80s music encapsulated. IK Multimedia’s OXa synth takes what’s best about the original hardware and distills it into an eminently playable instrument in your DAW, running inside