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Synths old v new

“We still make use of some hardware stuff: Minimoog, Korg MS-10, sometimes a Roland Bassline, TR-808 and TR-606. We bass, the organ and almost all the Rhodes sounds since the beginning of Black Box.

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There’s a possibility – and we hope this is not a correct prediction – that there won’t be any ‘live’ music equipment shows next year thanks to, you guessed it ‘that’ situation. NAMM has already gone, Frankfurt is surely hanging in the balance, so wi
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Four Goth Classics
This 1985 track, later re-mixed for 12” single release, A Day features rapid-fire sequencing, textural guitars and moody synths with plaintiff lyricism. One of the best cuts from ex-Sister of Mercy, Andrew Eldritch’s The Sisterhood p
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We bring you honest, unbiased appraisals of the latest computer music products. Our experts apply the same stringent testing methods to all gear, no matter how much hype or expectation surrounds it. 1-4 A seriously flawed product that should be avoi