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dispensaries have popped up all over the state of Michigan. We’ve got the scoop on what you need to know and where you should go—featuring things to do, photo ops and, of course, places to eat—in Ann Arbor, Flint and Detroit.


AS OF DECEMBER 6, 2019, it’s legal for anyone ages 21 or older to grow, consume, possess and purchase marijuana. Naturally, there are requirements and a process to obtaining a recreational sales license, so some retail cannabis locations remain medical access only. Patients from another state may use their valid state medical marijuana program licenses when traveling there, as Michigan has reciprocity laws. You’re not likely to come across people toking up on the streets, though, as it’s still illegal to smoke cannabis in public. Wherever you roam, please represent our community at its best and be responsible about where you choose to consume.


Ann Arbor is a hot spot for everything cannabis. Whether you’re looking for a recreational dispensary or a smoke shop, or how to get involved in the local cannabis community, this is where you want to

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