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“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
—Margaret Atwood

Spring Into Action

As winter fades and the sun begins to warm the earth, farmers’ thoughts turn to sowing and nourishing the seedlings that will eventually grow into huge flowering cannabis plants. But the groundwork for spring propagation should begin long before planting. Seeds must be chosen and germinated, soil should be prepared for healthy growth and plans should be set into place for the entire grow cycle.

Seeds or Clones?

Plants can be grown from either seeds or clones. Clones are shoots of a female mother plant that are cut off and rooted in order to create identical copies of the parent. The greatest advantages of using clones are guaranteed female plants and a level canopy. Outdoors, growing from seeds is preferable to growing from clones because seed plants have a taproot while clones have a less vibrant root system. The level canopy is only an asset indoors, whereas vertical space is at a

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