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SUBJECT: Follow-Up on Gassing Seeds

FROM: Danny Danko

Dear Mike,

A number of people contacted me after reading your commentary on gassing seeds in my January 2020 “Dear Danko” column. They were wondering about how exactly you gas the seeds to get a majority of female plants from regular seeds. I’m reaching back out to you to clarify—thanks!

Dear Danny,

This is what I do: Make a pouch from a mesh material—pantyhose will work—and place your seeds inside it. Staple the pouch about two inches down from the top of a paper bag. Put one whole banana into the bag. Fold the top of the bag to seal and clip with paper clips. Let sit for 30 days. Be sure to use a paper bag, not plastic, or the banana will rot. The banana gives off ethylene gas. The citrus industry uses ethylene

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