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“Bicycles are like mobile phones,” states Mathias Scherer of Mawis Custom Titanium Cycles. Because of their wireless electronic gears? Sleek profiles? No. It’s all about being controlled by the industry. “You get a mobile and after two years your contract is up and you

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Zwift Results
EVENT #39 COURSE TEMP US FUGIT After a long string of third place finishes, CW’s Michael Hutchinson finally seized the top spot at last Wednesday’s Club 10 (7 April). A season’s power PB of 401w saw Dr Hutch clock 20.18, 13 seconds faster than Gavin
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Find The Inner Strength With In The Three Pill Ars Of Self-motivation
Given you are reading Cycling Weekly, it’s fair to assume a few things about you: you’re rarely happier than when riding a bike, your favourite bike-buying equation is n+1, and much of your daydreaming involves sunny days, smooth roads and coffee sto
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Paris-Roubaix Femmes. The race that never was. Twice. We have been left hoping it’s third time lucky after Covid has once again thwarted our best laid plans. I wonder what the weather holds for 2 October? There has been much speculation and discussio