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The amount of time you need to devote to managing a renovation project will depend on two key factors: the complexity of the project and how clearly

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Homebuilding & RenovatingLeitura de 1 mins
‘How To’ Videos: Installing A Wetroom
VIDEO 1 — SEARCH ‘WETROOM - PREPARING THE ROOM’ If you’re turning a dressing room into a wet room, as in the example in our videos (search our YouTube channel), then stripping the room back to see if and where pipework sits is the first thing to do.
Homebuilding & RenovatingLeitura de 7 minsArchitecture
• Structural basics • Building Regs • Design ideas • Costs Whether you’re undertaking a large scale remodel or simply looking to tweak the layout of your home, knocking down an internal wall is probably something you’ve already considered — especiall
Homebuilding & RenovatingLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Where Should I Put My Air Source Heat Pump?
One of the most common questions homeowners ask me when considering an air source heat pump is where to put it. A common train of thought suggests they should be placed on the south side of a property to benefit from the heat of the sun. However, an