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Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo
Maybe it was the idea of giving any amp the built-in ‘effects’ found in vintage Fender amps that spawned the first pedal to combine reverb and tremolo, but that type of stompbox has become a bit of staple represented by the likes of Strymon’s Flint,
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Jargon Crunching
Paul sent fans crazy when he appeared on the cover of Fuzz Universe with his original production Fireman in 2010. Until then, it was a custom model made for him based on a reversed Iceman body with some additional tweaks. In true PG humour, it’s also
GuitaristLeitura de 1 minsTechnology & Engineering
Tech Spec
ORIGIN: USA TYPE: Overdrive pedal FEATURES: True bypass CONTROLS: Output, Blend, Gain, Tone, Scoop switch, internal Crunch Gain trimmer, internal Crunch Volume trimmer, Bypass footswitch CONNECTIONS: Standard input, standard output POWER: 9V bat