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Antidotes to Autumn Allergies

Many people think of spring, with its blossoming trees and flowers, as the worst season for allergies. But they can be just as bad or worse for some sufferers when the weather cools because of weed pollen and mould, says allergist Dr Edith Schussler. Here’s how to enjoy crunchy autumn foliage without stressing about allergies.


If you know which allergens you react to (a visit to an allergist can help you narrow it down), go to to figure out when your problematic pollen is peaking and plan outdoor activities accordingly.


Talk to your allergist about your options, which can include antihistamines, steroids, mast cell inhibitors and leukotriene modifiers. Some work best if you take them before the season starts.


Wear a hat when outdoors to stop pollen from attaching itself to your hair. When you step

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