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The Sciеnce of EYE HEALTH

ACCORDING TO RECENT RESEARCH by Johns Hopkins University in the US, vision loss ranks number one on the list of worst health nightmares. (It trumps fear of losing memory or even a limb.) And it is a very real fear. ‘The eyes have many delicate parts, so they simply don’t age very well,’ says vitreoretinal surgeon and ophthalmologist Dr Irene Barbazetto. That’s why regular checkups, including a dilated eye exam in which the ophthalmologist can look at your eyes’ inner workings, are key to spotting conditions that put you at risk.


Let’s say you happen upon a field of bright yellow daffodils. What you think of as your eye is just a tiny portion of the magical machinery that transforms what you’re looking at into an image your brain understands.

CORNEA Sight begins here: light bounces off the flowers and enters this transparent tissue on the orb’s surface, and the cornea bends the light to make the image clearer.

The coloured part of the eye (surrounded

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