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In Brief
SOUTH Western Railway caused a stir at the end of March when it announced the refurbished Class 442 EMUs would not now be used on services to Portsmouth. The ‘442s’ date back to 1988 and Weymouth Line electrification but, after their use with other o
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25 Years Of Change
DEPENDING on your point of view – or historical preference – Rail Express was born either in the dying days of British Rail or the brave new world of the Privatisation era. Either way, no one can deny the past 25 years have been an exciting time for
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Mk.4 Coaches Stored At Worksop
10301/04/05/07/08/15/18/21/26/30/32. 11201/78/82/87/89/98, 11301/04/05/09-11/14/16/18-22,11401/04/09/14/16/18. 12200/02-04/07/09/11/13/15/22/24/29/30/31. 12300/04/05/07/08/10/12/15/23/24/26/27/29, 12405/10/11/14/15/17/19/21/23/28/33/34/36/37/43/52/53