Woodworker's Journal

65 Years and Still Growing

ore than 65 years ago in a North Minneapolis storefront, Norton “Nordy” Rockler started a small company that mostly sold plywood. From that humble beginning, Rockler Woodworking and

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Reader Projects
I was in search of a new writing desk with no luck, so I decided to make one. I’ve always loved post-and-beam construction, and I took my inspiration for my desk’s design from barn trusses. I drew up plans with three different versions and asked my s
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Hand planes are iconic, traditional woodworking tools. They are a marvel of engineering and perform a multitude of woodworking tasks. Still, many woodworkers don’t use them regularly. We wanted to learn why: Do you regularly use hand planes? Yes: 24%
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Laguna REVO 15|24 Lathe
Many of today’s full-size lathes sell for well over $2,000, which can be a hard price to swallow for their increased capacity. And while buying a mini lathe doesn’t break the bank, its bowl- and spindle-turning capacities can eventually become limiti