Mais de New American Paintings

New American PaintingsLeitura de 1 mins
Anthony Bradford Ciarlo
Los Angeles, CA 310.245.5720 / An ant perched on an anthill, looking yonder while the sun sets, has a relationship contingent on that hill; it comprises the labor and time to build it and the b
New American PaintingsLeitura de 2 mins
Tamera Avery
San Francisco, CA 833.278.5683 (Jen Tough Gallery) / / @tameraavery My work is a celebration of youth, where the young are the champions of change in flawed social, political, and environmental landscapes
New American PaintingsLeitura de 2 mins
Kayla Mattes
Los Angeles, CA / / @kaylamattes My work explores chaos and crisis in the digital age by slowing it down through a tactile process that is structurally tied to the screen. Rather than adding pigmented materia