Nvidia Shield

This is without doubt the best Android Smart TV device you can get. An incredibly sleek, super modern design allows you to hide it easily near your TV. It connects

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Who Made The First Video Game?
One of our favourite readers, Charlie, asked us this question during the month and it’s an interesting history lesson for all gamers. Some people say the first game was released in the late 1940s byThomasT. Goldsmith, Jr., and Estle R. Mann. They cre
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Speak Up
wats up? My name is Ben and I’m your biggest fan. I have 65 Krash magazines and I still want MORE!!! My favourite parts of your magazine are Shame Shack, Freak Out, Cruise Control, GameSta, WWE Krash Klash, Newz and Speak Up. I would love it if the m
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The Fort
Fortnite never ceases to amaze and yet again developer Epic Games has gone big with the start of the new season. Indeed, it got the same directors from the Avengers: Endgame movie to create the intro video and help write the story. This is because Se