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“Eeeee…won’t you get electrocuted when it rains?” No mum, I won’t.

Mothers, bless ‘em. She still worries about me out there on two wheels, but I can safely say my winter rides were so much more comfortable with this Keis V106 Comfort Heated Vest and when you’re comfortable riding in the depths

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Prize Winner
I loved the Good Old Days feature! I’ve just turned 60 and I still ride a bike every day, just like I have done since my FS1-E way back in 1977. I always wave at other motorcyclists and I always stop to offer help to anyone on two wheels, even push-b
Classic Motorcycle MechanicsLeitura de 1 mins
What To Buy And How Much To Pay
Pretty much like anything else in our world the cheap ones have all gone! Pries have been edging up for a while now. Even USA-sourced barn finds are being touted at £3000-3500 but for that money it really ought to be all there, if not a runner. The
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And Some Others…
Cagiva Torque System The Italian firm’s 2T powervalve system, as developed on the Freccia and Mito models, amongst others. Automatic Power Tuning System You’d never know from the name, but it’s Gilera’s version of the powervalve, put to use on the wa