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Intelligent Fiction
1 The High House By Jessie Greengrass (Swift Press, £14.99) Jessie Greengrass’s novel is marked by grief for a natural world that has reached the point of catastrophe. Sequestered in a house high above the rising waterline, half-siblings Pauly and
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‘‘ My Wife Wants Other Lovers But What Damage Could It Do?”
Q For some years, I have been aware of my wife’s desire to explore her sexuality by having sex with other partners as a one-off or occasional activity. I love her deeply and we have always enjoyed a marvellous sex life together. I have no strong desi
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Mindful Wellness
Our restless, racing and untethered thoughts are often described as the ‘monkey mind’. In Buddhism, there is a word in the Pali language especially dedicated to describing this – papancha. The monkey mind swings from thought to thought. As we seize o