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The size of the universe

The cosmic microwave background (CMB) is the furthest that astronomers are able to see from Earth. This ancient light was released when the universe was approximately 380,000 years old, and has been travelling

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The Theories
Since the object’s measurements place it at the lower end of the mass gap, it is closer in size to neutron stars than black holes. However, at 2.6 solar masses, it exceeds the limit for a neutron star’s maximum mass. This was thought to be 2.3, but a
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The Cosmic Distance Ladder
Accurate measurements of the distances to neighbouring planets can be made by measuring the time for radar signals to bounce off the planets’ surfaces and return. Combined with models of planetary orbits, these provide an accurate scale for the Solar
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Weird Organic Chemical Found On Titan
Saturn’s moon Titan just keeps getting weirder - and more tantalising when it comes to scientists’ hopes for life beyond Earth. Titan is perhaps the most Earth-like place in our Solar System, except the ingredients are jumbled up: ocean below ground,