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In the fledgling months of 2020, the world changed dramatically in just a matter of weeks. The UK went into lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, with the public urged to stay at home for the safety of themselves and others. The history of music-making has often been one of rebellion but right now it’s more important than ever to follow the rules and stay indoors, as advised.

The whole world is facing challenges right now. Among the hardships, however, stories of positivity are emerging. The skies are clearer and the air fresher, communities are coming together in support of shared goals, and many are devoting their newly found free time to creative pursuits they’ve always been tempted by but until now have never been able to engage with.

It may be that you’ve used the lockdown as an opportunity to invest in your abilities – to sharpen your music writing skills, to hone your production and mixing prowess, to build the modular synth you’ve always dreamed about. One significant impediment to music-making at the moment, however, is that we’ve all been separated from one another. Whether they be established professional facilities or that small corner of your bedroom where your laptop and headphones live, our studios often spring to life when we welcome collaborators through our doors. But at the moment, even your most trusted co-creators are barred from entry. We don’t have to let that put a stop to the magic though. In this feature, we’re going to try our best to help you facilitate remote collaboration, covering as many bases we can. Here’s how to work together alone.

Even if you and your partner are using the same DAW, there are many potential problems


Key to any successful collaboration is a shared musical vision and technological solutions that allow our collective musicality to thrive. The good news is that with most

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