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Games World of PuzzlesLeitura de 2 mins
…from The Editor
Welcome to the April issue! We know the weather varies wildly this time of year, depending on where you live. For some of you, the cold winter lingers; for others, the harsh weather is easing up. Either way, this month’s articles and puzzles will pro
Games World of PuzzlesLeitura de 1 mins
Double Cross
Answer the clues on the numbered dashes, one letter per dash. Then transfer the letters on the dashes to the correspondingly numbered squares in the puzzle grid to reveal a quotation reading from left to right. (Black squares separate words.) When yo
Games World of PuzzlesLeitura de 1 mins
Word Poker
Wheel and deal’em…Can you enter six “word poker” hands into the grid below from the clues provided? “Word poker” hands are somewhat like their real-life counterparts: A three (or four) of a kind is a word with three (or four) of the same letter, as i