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Consumed by both grief and paperwork

AFTER FINDING A PARKING SPACE, I SHIFTED MY MINIVAN into park. I sat still for a moment, a moment that allowed me to take a breath in relative silence. I checked to make sure the money was still there. Three crisp $100 bills. It was the week before Christmas. My wife was still dead.

Rachel and I married in the fall of 2003. We

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Taylor Swift Rewrites History
IF YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, YOU CAN HEAR IT: there’s a new lushness in the opening banjo twangs, and an extra beat when she sings the lyric “Just say yes.” But the difference between the 2008 version of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” which helped prope
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A Closeup View Of Anxiety
Having wreaked havoc on their final year of high school, the pandemic proceeded to disrupt the Class of 2021’s postgraduation plans. Some students answered the uncertainty by applying to more colleges than they’d previously planned, perhaps aiming hi