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Veho Pebble Endurance


£99.95, $149.95, 129,95 €

When you need a reliable travel battery that won’t let you down, the Pebble

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Essential Apple User MagazineLeitura de 2 minsComputers
Sidebar Widgets Custom Homescreen
1 You can set the Widgets sidebar to sit permanently on the Home screen or be shown and hidden as you please. Go to Settings > Home Screen & Dock, and use the switch marked ‘Keep Today View on Home Screen to set it. 2 With the switch on, the sidebar
Essential Apple User MagazineLeitura de 4 minsComputers
The Touchscreen Clever Gestures
To activate items such as applications, to use the on-screen keyboard, or to press on-screen buttons, touch them with your finger. The touchscreen is sensitive to the tiny electrical charge in our bodies, so you don’t need to press hard. You can touc
Essential Apple User MagazineLeitura de 1 minsElectrical Engineering & Electronics
IPadOS In Numbers
The date on which the first public beta of iPadOS 14 was released by Apple. The number of iPad models that can run iPadOS 14. It runs on any iPad that could run the very first release of iPadOS. iPadOS 14 is available in 40 different languages. iPadO