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s valves-vs-transistors perfectly parallels the analogue-vs-digital dichotomy, it seems logical that tube phono stages would better complement LPs than solidstate. This is not Mar ’20]. As for the rest, I prefer the bloom or warmth associated with valves, rightly or wrongly. (See the review of the Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE, p48, for a practical testing of this belief.) My work requires phono stages at assorted price points, to address the needs of a reviewer who insists on assessing products in context, , a £700 moving-coil through a £7000 phono stage is an unlikely pairing. And all of mine are valve.

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My Bus
Onomatopoeia Records HUM30; LP: HUM29 For lovers of the early ’90s dream pop genre, two Belfast bands, Butterfly Child and Papa Sprain are names to conjure with. Joe Cassidy of the former and Gary McKendry of the latter are old friends who worked tog
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PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3
Back in 1998 PS Audio introduced its first mains regenerator. It was a device born of the view that if you want the cleanest mains supply then you will need to synthesise it from scratch. A mains regenerator is, in essence, a high voltage power ampli
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Andreas Staier
Harmonia Mundi HMM90232728 (downloads to 96kHz/24-bit res) These works, all published in 1803, come with the cover line ‘A New Way’, as Beethoven, threatened by deafness, then told a friend he wanted to take a different musical path. Staier plays a M