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Analogue vs digital

There are two basic types of integrated circuit: analogue and digital. Analogue, or linear

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Brain Dump
■ A cell is an organism with its own biological clock. They regulate themselves and undergo division and regeneration automatically. They move, breed and grow independently and respond to changes in their environment. They generate their own energy a
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The Ingenuity helicopter
This is used to charge Ingenuity’s lithium-ion batteries, which can power a 90-second flight on a full charge. Insulated for protection, this holds heaters to keep everything running when temperatures drop at night. Tubes made of carbon fibre, the le
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Hatching Mammal Eggs
Echidnas are weaned at around six months old, weighing around two kilograms, and will leave the burrow. Echidnas reach sexual maturity between five and 12 years old. After ten days of incubating in a shell, the still-undeveloped foetus emerges from t