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Analogue vs digital

There are two basic types of integrated circuit: analogue and digital. Analogue, or linear

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History Of Soap
Ancient Sumerians start cleaning wool with mixtures of ashes and fat. Ancient Egyptians coat their skin with pastes made from oil and soda ash. Ancient Phoenicians make laundry soap using goat tallow and burnt wood. A Greek doctor, Galen, notices th
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Looking Deep Inside The Sun
For many years our understanding of the internal workings of the Sun – and the implications for stellar evolution – were clever guesswork. Telescopes only tell us about its surface, so scientists had to rely on nuclear theory and computer models. The
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World’s Most Famous Record
Probably the most recognised record in the world – and beyond – is the Golden Record that was placed aboard the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft. They are two 30-centimetre copper phonographs plated with gold, and on them are recorded sounds, music and gre