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Cathy Wassell is a business coach and owner of Socially Contented. She’s also an autism advocate and the founder of Teen Calm, a subscription box for anxious teens (teencalm.co.uk).

Hate it when they go

I’m a single mum and my kids spend the weekend with their dad. I’ve never had a problem with it until he got a girlfriend. Now I can’t stand that she is there acting like a mum to my

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Q I have sun spots on my face and hands - does that mean my skin is more likely to wrinkle as I age? Rachel, Suffolk A Very likely. This is because the sunspots you have are a sign of unprotected sun exposure. The fact that you have sunspots means th
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Conservationist Giles Clark is embarking on a big mission: taking on the illegal wildlife trade and helping to build a new bear sanctuary in Laos, Southeast Asia. Across Asia, bears in the illegal wildlife trade are sold as trophy pets, used for thei